19 Best websitepulse.com Alternatives

Various free network and server tools


Smart visual validation for web native mobile and desktop apps integrates with almost all automation solutions like selenium and karma and remote runners sauce labs browser stack free for open source a free tier for a single user with limited checkpoints per week


Test your android i os apps on this cloud based android phone tablets emulators and i phone i pad simulators directly in your browser free tier includes 1 concurrent session with 100 minutes usage per month no limit on app size

Bird Eats Bug

Report bugs faster and better record your screen with bird browser extension it will auto capture technical data that engineers need to debug free tier suitable for small teams


Manual and automated browser testing


Browser extension that tests if your website follows 50 seo speed and security best practices free tier for smaller websites


Manual visual and selenium browser testing in the cloud


Fast easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser cypress test runner is always free and open source with no restrictions and limitations cypress dashboard is free for open source projects for up to 5 users


Records and replays all steps made in a web browser and creates scripts free with fewer options


Gremlin s chaos engineering tools allow you to safely securely and simply inject failure into your systems to find weaknesses before they cause customer facing issues gremlin free provides access to shutdown and cpu attacks on up to 5 hosts or containers


Selenium grid testing with free plan up to 4 simultaneous selenium nodes 10 grid starts 4 000 test minutes month


Automatically create api and load tests by analyzing network traffic simulate up to 50 concurrent users for up to 60 minutes for free every month


Add visual testing to any web app static site style guide or component library unlimited team members demo app and unlimited projects 5 000 snapshots month


Codeless automated tests for web apps tests can be scheduled in app or executed from a ci cd tool each test run includes a full video recording along with console and network logs the free tier includes an unlimited number of saved tests with 25 test runs per month and up to 3 users


Cross browser testing selenium testing and mobile testing


Selenium browser and device testing


Test results reporting and test case management integrates with popular test frameworks open source software developers individuals educators and small teams getting started can request discounted and free offerings beyond basic free project


Test management system for dev and qa teams manage test cases compose test runs perform test runs track defects and measure impact the free tier includes all core features with 500 mb available for attachments and up to 3 users


Speed up your tests with optimal test suite parallelisation on any ci provider split ruby java script tests on parallel ci nodes to save time free plan for up to 10 minutes test files and free unlimited plan for open source projects


Build scalable u is in java or type script and use the integrated tooling components and design system to iterate faster design better and simplify the development process unlimited projects with 5 years free maintenance



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