29 Best shrinkray.io Alternatives

Free image optimization of GitHub repos


Image upload powerful manipulations storage and delivery for sites and apps with libraries for ruby python java php objective c and more free tier includes 25 monthly credits 1 credit is equal to 1 000 image transformations 1 gb of storage or 1 gb of cdn usage


Full image optimization and cdn service with 1500 points of presence around the world a variety of image resizing compression watermarking functions open source plugins for responsive images 360 image making and image editing free monthly plan with 25 gb of cdn traffic and 25 gb of cache storage and unlimited transformations


Image cdn with automatic optimization real time transformation and storage that you can integrate with existing setup in minutes free plan includes up to 20 gb bandwidth per month


File picker transform and deliver free for 250 files 500 transformations and 3 gb bandwidth


File uploading media processing content delivery for modern web apps free tier included 3000 uploads 3 gb delivery traffic 3 gb storage and infinite image transformations


Simple and secure offsite backup hosting for borg backup 10 gb free backup space and 2 repositories


Smart image cdn with on the fly image optimization and resizing free tier includes 500 mb of storage and 2 gb bandwidth


Image upload powerful manipulations storage and delivery for websites and apps with sdk 39 s integrations and migration tools free tier includes 25 credits 1 credit is equal to 1 gb of cdn usage 1 gb of storage or 1000 image transformations


One click hosted database provider they provide a database for the programming language of your choice for development purposes the db is ephemeral and will be deleted after 24 or 72 hours on the free tier


Provides ap is for embedding media in a webpage responsive image scaling extracting elements from a webpage free for up to 5 000 ur ls month at 15 requests second


Image resize as a service it also optimizes images and performs delivery via cdn free tier includes 1 gb bandwidth and unlimited number of image processing every month for 1 year


Unlimited image chart generation with a watermark


Image optimization for website performance as a service free plan up to 1 mb file size


Encrypt share copy and move all your cloud storage files from one place basic plan provides unlimited files transfer with 250 mb max file size and allows 5 encrypted files


Hosted package repositories for yum apt ruby gem and py pi limited free plans open source plans available via request


Responsive image optimization and delivery for every website free plan for developers and personal websites includes free cdn web p and lazy loading out of the box

Pinata IPFS

Pinata is the simplest way to upload and manage files on ipfs our friendly user interface combined with our ipfs api makes pinata the easiest ipfs pinning service for platforms creators and collectors 1 gb storage free along with access to api


A quick and simple image placeholder service


Place kitten is a simple and easy to use image placeholder for your code that will fetch cute images of kittens according to the size you provide and use it as a placeholder


Graph and share your data free tier includes unlimited public files and 10 private files


You can use podio with a team of up to five people and try out the features of the basic plan except user management


Generate embeddable image charts graphs and qr codes


P2 p file syncing free for up to 2 users


An open protocol for hosting data and web applications on the decentralized web using sia free tier provides storage upto 100 gb


Decentralised private cloud storage for apps and developers free plan provides 3 projects 50 gb storage per project month 50 gb bandwidth per project month


Api to compress and resize png and jpeg images offers 500 compressions for free each month


Handles file uploads and encoding of video audio images documents free for open source charities and students via the git hub student developer pack commercial applications get 2 gb free for test driving


Uploadcare provides media pipeline with ultimate toolkit based on cutting edge algorithms all features are available for developers absolutely for free file uploading api and ui image cdn and origin services adaptive delivery and smart compression


Internxt drive is a zero knowledge file storage service that 39 s based on absolute privacy and uncompromising security sign up and get 2 gb for free forever



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